Writing is hard, really hard.

I learned programming computers before I started seriously writing, and when you start learning programming, there is a period in the beginning where it's really challenging and confusing, i.e., you just don't get it.

You have to power through that for about a semester (months) before anything finally clicks. It isn't easy after that, but it's never that hard again.

Writing is like that first phase, just all the time. It makes me wonder if writers are just masochist. :P

I can have a good day writing then read back those same pages a week later and think... WTF? This is terrible.

I assume it gets better as you write more scripts. I am closing in on the "golden 10", so I think it's getting easier.

The true test would be to go back and read my first screenplay, but I'm afraid to do it... very afraid.

Should I do it and post my thoughts? Ah hell, might as well if I truly enjoy pain. Look for a post in the next year. I guarantee it will be ugly.

You really have to love writing to do it. Otherwise, it will destroy you.


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