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Should I pitch to another publisher or go the webcomic route?

TL;DR (Too Long; Don't Read AKA Summary): I decided to go the webcomic route as you have probably guessed from visiting . :D Details... Should I pitch another publisher? I initially just pitched  Image Comics , because I felt halfwing fit in well with their current material (which I really like). Image is famous for taking the same fee for all books and letting you retain many of the rights to your series . Also, I follow  Jim Zub  and other creators that work with  Image Comics , and they seem to have a pretty good relationship with them. After my first pitch failed  with Image, I had to decide what to do next. Dark Horse Comics  looked promising, but they don't tell you the splits (I assume then it is different for every series) and their legal agreement scared me off a bit. You have to agree that you won't sue them if they have series come out after your pitch that is very similar to your series. I guess that makes sense from a publisher