Writers write!

I have some bad news, your first ~10 novels/screenplays/comic scripts/manga scripts are going to suck.

The first one... awful. The second one... terrible... well, maybe a smidgen better.

HOWEVER, each one will get better.

Why 10?

If you watch interviews with successful screenwriters (The Dialogue Series is a great one), they all pretty much say they had to write 10 screenplays before they sold one.

It's the same with novels. You can even see this in action by going back and reading an author's first books, e.g., Cup of Gold or To a God Unknown versus to Of Mice and Men or The Grapes of Wrath (John Steinbeck).

Writing is like learning to draw or play tennis well. You suck at first, but as you put in more hours, you get better.

You don't hear a tennis player saying, "hey, I'm a tennis player, I want to do it for a living, but I don't really have time to practice."


"I'm an artist, I was told I draw cartoon bunnies well. I want to do it for a living, but I don't really have time to practice/improve. I did do a little of it in high school."


But for some reasons, prospective writers do this all the time.

Maybe someone thought you had potential, you still suck, you just could get better in less time. You need to put in the time!

The funny thing is, after you have put in thousands of hours, folks will then notice your natural talent.

BTW, this is total bull$h*t! It's the hundreds/thousands of hours you put in.

If you don't put in hundreds then thousands of hours writing, you won't be any good. If you can't put in hours a week, then you aren't going to be writer.

Sorry for the bad news.

The good news?

Now you can start writing without worry about quality, it will come!

"... but my idea isn't quite there yet or it's stupid right now."


Check off one of your first 10 books/screenplays by using it. It's going to be sh!t anyway, so get to writing.

"Wait! It's actually a great idea, I can't ruin it as one of my first books."


Write the crappy version, and after you have checked off your 10 books/screenplays, go back and rewrite it.

Man, I should be an inspirational speaker! ;-)

Now, go write!


P.S. - If this helped, please support me by reading my free webcomic halfwing, thanks!


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