English Grammar doesn't have to be hard!

I used to believe that grammar was really difficult, i.e., if you didn't get it in junior high or high school, you just weren't cut out to write. This can be worse if you didn't attend good schools (like me).

I tried to buck this thinking by reading several books and even hiring a tutor. Nothing helped and I almost gave up before happening to come upon English Grammar For Dummies.

I wish someone handed me that book when I was ten. I didn't realize grammar could be so easy! I know it sounds crazy, but after I read the book, I thought, this is it?! I can't believe something this easy was made so hard.

Even if you aren't a writer, it's a huge confidence booster for your work. You will no longer worry about screwing up important emails or relying on someone else to fix your communications.


After you read it (and you feel great), you can optionally check out The Elements of Style. It's a great, short read and a good refresher. It's also small, so you can keep it at your work desk for reference (if you can't remember an exact rule).

Please read the first book if you haven't and you aren't confident in English Grammar. It will save you time and improve your writing!

If you can't buy it, check it out from the library!

READ IT! You'll thank me later. :)


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