Pitch Update...

I pitched halfwing to Image Comics a little over a month ago (details). As the submission page calls out, if they haven't responded in one month, you should consider your proposal declined (which means halfwing was declined).

As you might guess, I was pretty bummed. I even pondered hanging it up... but... I reviewed my Toggl reports, and I realized I have spent close to a 1,000 hours writing/producing halfwing. I don't want to just throw that time without something to show for it.

Also, I really believe I have something with halfwing. The story is coming along and the art is great.

... so... during the second week when I was the most down in the dumps (and I was sure if I hadn't heard by then, I wouldn't hear... which I didn't)... I started thinking about what's next.

By the way, if this has happened to you, let in all those sad feelings for a couple minutes (or days :D ) and then move on to what's next for your story.

Overall, don't get too down. You did a great thing just making a comic and submitting it. Most folks never get to that stage.

The book industry is in flux with the internet coming into its own, and publishers are under more pressure to deliver. If you aren't a known author/artist, your chances of a successful pitch are probably more slim than ever.

Also, I hear Image contacting you about a pitch is like hitting the lottery and sometimes they don't answer until several months later. I'm not counting on that, but the lottery thing made me feel a little better.

So, after feeling in the dumps from my pitch failing... I went back to the drawing board... not really, my drawing is terrible, I just write the stories (Matias makes them pretty). :D

Anyway, I'll either pitch again or go the webcomic route, i.e., put everything up for free and do kickstarters when I have ~150 pages.

I will outline the details over the next several posts. Thanks for reading!


P.S. - If this helped, please support me by reading halfwing, thanks!


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