Time management and my love for Toggl

TL;DR (Too Long; Don't Read):
I tested everything under the sun and no app (web and/or mobile) is better for tracking your time than Toggl (without an "E"). Also, it's free!

A long time ago (~8 years ago), I was asked how much time I spent on certain projects/clients to help project head count.

Having no idea, I started tracking my time by hand... which really sucks and isn't accurate.

After wasting more time tracking time than working on some projects, I decided to find an app that could help.

I tested EVERYTHING and no apps made my life easier. It took as much time to figure out the crazy complex software as doing my work.

I finally stumbled on toggl (without an "E"), and I was up and running in two minutes, I'm not kidding!

I have used it ever since for everything I track, and it keeps getting better (slicker UI, mobile apps, etc.).

It really helps me get a sense of where my time goes, and it's so quick to use, it doesn't take away from my work (just open, click, done).

The best part? Toggl is free! You can upgrade to a PRO version for ~$5/month, but you probably won't need those features unless you are doing some major project management.

Don't believe me, just try it for one day. They have a web app and mobile apps (Android & iOS), so you have no excuses.

Just see how much time you waste watching cats on YouTube! :-)


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