Finding and hiring the right artist for your comic, manga, or graphic novel, Part 1: Introduction

There are great resources online for learning how to hire an artist for you comic, manga, or graphic novel, but it takes a great deal of searching and some good old fashioned recommendations by actual people to find them all.

I am putting together a series of posts to save you time and outline my experience (part one is this intro). I wish I had read them first! :D

  • You ARE NOT a well known writer
  • You want to produce a comic book, manga, or graphic novel (there are different rules for books outside of those types, e.g., children's books, etc.)
  • You want high quality artwork
  • You don't have a high quality artist friend who is rich and will work for free

Great, let's start with Part 2: Pay.


P.S. - If this helped, please support me by reading my free webcomic halfwing, thanks!


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